nxt indx

Open impact positions in Denmark,
curated and updated weekly

NXT INDX is a curated job platform for meaningful work, that put people in a position to have positive impact on communities, society and the planet. You’ll come across jobs within any sector that will have one thing in common: the work you’ll do will either have a major positive influence on a few or a minor positive impact for millions. And anything in between.

Built in the open,
still under construction

The time for a new job index focusing on connecting talent to opportunities to do meaningful, good work is now. That’s why we decided to launch the platform in a raw and minimally viable version. We believe in involving the community in the process, so our roadmap is open for anyone to follow. Feature requests, bug reports and feedback is greatly appreciated - for now, slide those messages in to our DM’s via good old fashioned email.

Action speaks louder than words,
so we decided to do something

NXT INDX is born out of the realisation that we need way more people finding their way to impactful jobs that challenge status quo and start healing our biosphere and communities. We try our best to follow the same example, and build a platform based on regenerative design thinking, sustainable interaction design principles and inclusive design decisions.